Now Enrolling - Champions SynScreen

*Now Including 16 Channel Flow Cytometry Capabilities

Large-Scale Syngeneic Screening Opportunity With Reduced Costs


Participate in the Champions Oncology SynScreen for lower cost, large scale syngeneic studies across 8 lines.
Limited Availability!

Enrollment in this study is on a first-come first-served basis.  
Take advantage of substantial cost savings now before space runs out.
The details on the Champions' SynScreen are detailed below:
With the introduction of two BD FACSymphony flow cytometers our newest
5-laser cytometry platform allows the development and execute panels up to 16 colors.
With this new offering, Champions will be able to include additional markers, perform superior panel design and more comprehensive data analysis.
  • Available Models: MC38, CT26, 4T1, LLC, B16/F10, RENCA and EMT6
  • FREE Shared control group data.
  • 50% off PD-1, CTLA-4 or OX40 shared group data.
  • 20 arms available per model (10 animals/arm)
  • Flow cytometry (up to 16 channels), IHC and Nanostring analysis available
  • Enrollment period ends September 30th with studies initiating Nov-Jan
Please contact Michelle Mack today at or
585-305-2453 for more information

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