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Champions 50 Model In Vivo Solid Tumor Indication Screen - Now Enrolling

Enroll in our upcoming In Vivo screen utilizing 50 solid tumor PDX models across the following indications;

- Breast
- Gastric
- Bladder
- Cholangiocarcinoma
- All models come available with WES and RNASeq.
- No minimum enrollment and significant cost savings compared to stand-alone studies.

Limited availability, enrollment closes August 31st, 2019. Click here for further information.

New Free-to-Access PDX NGS Data

An additional 32 new models with Whole Exome and RNA Sequencing have now been added to Champions TumorGraft Database.

Models include EGFR Ex19 insertion, MET multicopy amplified, RBM10, KRas and BRCA mutants.

There are now >770 model available for study with NGS data. Access our online database here.

Utilization of NOG-IL2 and NOG-IL15 for Human NK Cell Engraftment

Recent work by Champions' Research and Development team has shown that the transgenic NOG variants expressing human cytokines IL-15 or IL-2 can be utilized for engraftment of human NK cells.

Using either NK cells purified from PBMC donors, or CD34 Hematopoetic Stem Cells prolonged engraftment of functional NK cells was observed.

Additional information on Champions' humanized platforms can be found here.

Probabilistic Modeling of Personalized Drug Combinations from Integrated Chemical Screen and Molecular Data in Sarcoma

A recent publication by Dr Berlow at cc-TDI describes the development of a probabilistic computational modeling approach which integrates molecular sequencing data with functional assay data to develop patient-specific combination cancer treatments.

The use of Champion's In Vivo Pharmacology studies enabled the testing of in silico hypotheses. Read the publication here

Champions Oncology 1st Annual Boston Symposium: Current Trends in Translational Oncology

Thursday, September 19, 2019 at Museum of Science
8AM - 4PM Sessions, 4PM – 5:30PM Reception

Join Boston’s leading oncology innovators. Learn from experts about their current therapeutic approach to today’s oncology challenges. Gain insight on how to further support your oncology and immuno-oncology drug development programs, from preclinical and translational studies, to research in the clinic, by attending the Champions Oncology drug discovery symposium.

Free to attend, limited spaces available - sign up here
Please contact Michelle Mack today at or
585-305-2453 for more information

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